Sunday, 16 July 2006

Flowers In The Lamps

So Cher Wee found true love and married Hwee Yen on Saturday past. I wasn’t there for the solemnization because I had to watch the rerun of LOST and take a nap after. Apparently, the bride and groom were nervous and nearly boo-booed. I got there a little past 8, when all were being ushered to wait some more at one’s respective table. Mary, Kelvin, Vincent, Boi and hubby (his name currently escapes me) and I sat at table 6. How apt.

We chatted, waited and chatted. Dinner started at about 9. We confirmed that Meixian and Huang Hui wouldn’t be there. It would be a lot of food for half a table.

The funny faces are a reaction to my camera and incessant photo-taking. And yes, there were fake, red, rose petals placed into the lamp holders – a smart, pretty touch that added a smidgen of colour to the otherwise plainly decorated restaurant.

We talked about work and stuff. A long discussion over the value and inclusion of shark’s fin in Chinese wedding dinners ensued too. I know it’s dead, but the fish wouldn’t be if we didn’t care so much about tradition and tasteless cartilage. Humans, as the highest form of life on this planet, have an obligation to take care of the other species, especially one that is so biologically-advanced and intentionally hunted for fins (and where in most cases, the bleeding shark is thrown back into the sea to die). This isn’t the circle of life, it’s the ka-ching of the cash register. I refused my bowl.

Dinner continued with consumption of beer firmly adhered to. As there were too few of us to finish the prawns, chicken, fish and ALL of the Ee-fu noodles, our hostess seemed quite taken aback the rejection of fine food. No offence but we were simply too full. But I had my bowl of orh-ni. Haha, resistance was futile.

Well, Cher Wee and Hwee Yen are off to Chiangmai as this post is being put up and edited and re-edited. Here’s wishing them all the best.


Ruok said...

hmm, check out for photo sharing :P

Kelly said...

the prawn looked good!

HUI said...

pity I had to miss it but how come from the photos it seems it's one of 'Addam Family's' wedding???